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Snap Kitchen delivers healthy and delicious meals directly to your door. They work with chefs and registered dieticians to make it easy for Snap Kitchen to fit into your life – creating nutritious and yummy meals that are easily heated and enjoyed. They have a variety of subscription models to fit every lifestyle.


For our first OTT video ad for Snap Kitchen, we built creative around the convenience of Snap Kitchen for real people, with real busy lives, looking to eat real, healthy, and easily accessible food.

Inspired by that simple idea, we wrote, produced, directed, and edited an effective 30-second hero ad, a 15-second cut down, and two alternate CTAs for each.

Our OTT ads do what Snap Kitchen is aiming to solve: show busy people enjoying healthy, convenient, and delicious meals all delivered fresh, directly to their front doors. Our creative focuses on the busy work from homers who are balancing health, convenience and time management. In a single day of on-location shooting in Austin, we captured the footage that would become 4 OTT video ads with varying CTAs for A/B testing.

commercial video production

We believe the key to any successful shoot day is collaboration and keeping the entire crew informed on the creative direction. It could have been easy to have too many cooks in the kitchen (pun intended!) but we had the right amount of people doing the exact job.

In one shoot day with a crew 8 people, we filmed outdoor scene, styled an office, 3 different overhead setups, filmed intricate food shots that included food stylist, set designer, and client on set to approve.