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You’ve worked hard to build your brand. We promise to work equally hard to honor it.

Red Riding Hood has a proven track record of creating successful campaigns, meaning we take a project from ideation to completion, including crafting numerous cutdowns for all relevant platforms. We believe in quantity and quality.

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Red Riding Hood Productions crafts successful photo and video by staying current on what's working for video marketing and converting customers, doing deep dives into trends within industries, all while building classic visual narratives that can stand the test of time. We take pride in never following a formula and knowing that not one size fits all. By creating custom-tailored roadmaps, we understand each brand’s animating soul and tease out that central force in everything we create.

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Red Riding Hood Productions makes developing imaginative video and photo content a breeze. We’re talking cover-to-cover creative that gives your audience something to chew on.

The path from project ideation to execution can be a treacherous one to navigate all by your lonesome. Let us be your map.

We create smart and beautifully-executed visuals for businesses, individuals and global brands.


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We infuse duality and harmony into everything we do. It’s all about using swift action (and a bit of finesse) to get sh*t done. This is the delicate balance we bring to every visual adventure: one part girl in the woods, one part wolf—and all of the wild.

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We’re creators through and through. That means we coordinate from conception to inclusive casting to post-production. These are emotion pictures at their best.

360 Campaigns & Full-Service Creative Productions


UGC & Content Creation (social forward/focused - modern content production)

  • Video Production – start with an idea and take it all the way to a final video, with cutdowns
  • Photoshoots – start with an idea
  • 360 creative photo & video campaigns – full-blown quantity & quality
  • Brand Marketing, Product Marketing
  • Red Riding Hood Content House
  • Social content batch content
  • UGC packages
  • Micro-influencers
  • Brand Marketing, Product Marketing video for social media
  • Red Riding Hood Marketing
  • Packaged w/ Ethan’s

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The happily ever afters...

— Canan Kaba

Clay Imports Austin, TX

We’ve yet to master the humblebrag, which is why we're happy to hand over the mic to some of our wonderful clients.

— Ethan Fedida

Co-FOunder Campfire Group San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY

Working with RRHP has been a breeze. The video and photography professionals strongly connected with our brand and group while providing several, diverse projects with tight schedules. They documented the Clay Import Mexico Tile Travel Experience, which included high-end visuals to support tourism, as well as product and lifestyle photography to promote our company. I especially loved how meticulously they prepare and implement their work and travel schedule. You don't have to worry about a thing! And the end result is exactly what we were envisioning! You should hire RRHP if you like creative minds that "get you."

Working with RRHP is an absolute joy. Amber and Cassandra take the time needed to understand our needs, think through all the ways they could create the best product for us, and work collaboratively with our vision to ensure the finished product is perfect. Plus, they are both so thoughtful in their approach and communications, and always seem overjoyed and excited to be doing the work, which is both infectious and inspiring to see. As a result, we consistently look for new projects we can work on with RRHP.

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