When we started Red Riding Hood Productions, we knew we had an opportunity to be a part of the positive change in production -- from being on set to creating intentional content to communicating with clients, and everything else in between. The driving force for the positive change in our eyes is empathy, taking ourselves seriously but not too seriously, creating beautiful work, and taking care of holistic health.

These are the ingredients to our mission – the WHY behind what we do. Consider this a little insight into Red Riding Hood’s heart and soul. Before we dig in more, let’s just go ahead and let you read our actual mission statement:

“Red Riding Hood Productions is a new kind of full-service creative company that specializes in enviable video and photo production. By creating custom-tailored roadmaps we’re able to craft soulful stories from abstract narratives, forge ahead by bringing conceptual ideas into fruition, and tease out the central force that is the animating soul behind every brand. Empathetic business practices, communication styles, and collaborations are at the core of everything we do. We marinade it all into a functional mix of fun and flow, because even work is an adventure, if you’re doing it right. You’ve worked hard to build your brand/company. We promise to work equally hard to honor it."

Red Riding Hood walks the walk – when we talk about empathetic business practices we mean taking days off when we need a break, encouraging our contractors and crew members to do the same, and forging connections with everyone along the way through thoughtful and real dialogue.

When we talk about creating custom-tailored-roadmaps for our clients, we mean that we don’t follow a formula and instead approach every project with an individual perspective, utilizing deep research on trends, what’s converting, and what’s working within industries of course. When we create together, sure, we're making content but it's more than that -- we're good at what we do because we understand why story is important and why it works for conversions, brand loyalty, and brand awareness. Focusing on good and effective storytelling in content production and not being too caught up with being cool or being the most flashy is what matters most. It's about the intention behind what we're creating.

Working hard, mindfully, smartly, and intentionally (and living this way!) is paramount to our business thriving, and makes the content we create for clients shine.


Red Riding Hood Productions