Embracing the Video Production Lifestyle:

A Tale from Red Riding Hood Productions

Let’s talk about the realities and routines of the production lifestyle. Red Riding Hood’s work schedule tends to ebb and flow between intense, head-down project sprints and more relaxed, vision-driven biz-dev sprints. Meaning, we try to schedule our time so that we stack productions – balancing pre-production and creative and production days for a few projects at a time. Then, we dig into post-production where we have a team of amazing editors turning our footage into magical deliverables – this frees up our time to focus on business development, aka the bigger picture and the future of Red Riding Hood when we’re not managing post-production. This mix of go go go! with a more relaxed pace works well for us – but we’re also incredibly mindful of incorporating routines that keep us fueled – in mind, body, and soul – so that we can tackle the realities of the production lifestyle.

behind the scenes video production

behind the scenes video production  Austin texas

behind the scenes video production  Austin texas

First things first: sleep. We know that #hustleculture has taught a lot of us to burn the midnight oil, but, a well-rested mind is a creative powerhouse. We've come to appreciate the importance of getting enough sleep – regardless of deadlines, or call times, or whatever to-do is looming overhead.

Now, let's talk about self-care and rest. Video production can be a whirlwind, leaving you feeling exhausted, especially after a project sprint. But to stay motivated and healthy, we've made it a priority to care for our mind, body, and soul. Be it daily meditation, weekly therapy sessions, journaling about the stress and the things we’re grateful for, sleeping in, or even just checking out and watching a silly reality TV show, these are just a few of the ways we seek rest and relaxation and self-care.

Eating nourishing, wholesome foods is essential, fueling us for those long shoot days and tight schedules. We make sure we budget for healthy and tasty crafty and meals while on set to avoid that post-lunch lull and keep our cast and crew energized throughout the day. We’re also mindful of what we eat in our personal day-to-day – striking the balance between food that fuels us while not restricting from indulgences.

In between productions and client meetings, finding time to move our bodies is crucial. Whether it's a full sweat sesh at the gym or some yoga stretches during lunch, staying active helps us feel strong and refreshed. It's our secret weapon against the stress and chaos that sometimes come knocking at our door – hello endorphins!

Let’s talk about our favorite love language: quality time. We make it a point to spend quality time with our loved ones, including our furry friends. Yes, even when we're running around like crazy, we carve out moments to snuggle up with our dogs and reconnect with those who bring us joy. Our pups’ wagging tails and unconditional love have a way of soothing even the most frazzled nerves.

Now, let's step outside, shall we? Sunlight, nature's own spotlight, is a big source of inspiration and revitalization. In the midst of busy schedules, we find solace in basking in the sunshine, whether it's during a lunch break or an after-work walk with our dogs. Soak up those rays, feel the warmth on your skin, and let it energize your creative spirit.

We won't sugarcoat it—video production can be a challenging world. It's a place where deadlines converge, equipment malfunctions, and unexpected surprises lurk behind every corner. But amidst the chaos, we've learned that taking care of ourselves is not just a luxury, but a necessity. By nurturing our minds, bodies, and relationships, we stay motivated, focused, and ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way.


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