Flavour At Heart

Project: Integrated Marketing Campaign for Product Launch

Total Deliverables: 6 videos, 10 Photos

Hemro Group, a valued and repeat client, remains firmly rooted in its brand identity while being open and willing to take creative risks. Their Creative Director approached us to create an integrated marketing campaign similar to the one we created for the X54 grinder last year. However, this time, the spotlight was on their Anfim brand, headquartered in Milan, and their latest innovation, The Luna grinder. They envisioned a campaign brimming with youthful energy and a distinct playful vibe, showcasing footage of Milan, and incorporating key value props of The Luna through easy-to-consume text on-screen graphics. We were tasked with creating a comprehensive content package capable of cohesively spanning their multifaceted outreach strategy including digital platforms and multiple social channels. It was necessary to create an atmosphere that represented Milan, despite filming in Austin. Texas.

Our approach for this project was versatile. To encompass The Luna's multifaceted storyline, we conceived the "Color me Coffee" concept.

In this concept, our focus was on bringing the product to life through brand colors, a lively and youthful cast, and an editing approach that showcased The Luna's key value props. The concept unfolded in a bustling coffee shop scene, centered around a coffee date between two pivotal characters who happened to be best friends. Throughout the video, we seamlessly blended footage of Milan into the narrative, not just highlighting The Luna's origin but also treating it as an additional character in the story.

We elevated the video's depth and energy in editing through captivating transitions and ambient sounds to capture the café's vibrant ambiance. We enlisted the expertise of an exceptional prop & set stylist who transformed a tequila bar into a vibrant Milan-style coffee shop, perfectly reflecting the Anfim brand colors (details discussed in the "interesting challenge" section). To bring authenticity, we assembled a diverse and youthful cast, including an actual barista skilled in crafting the required espresso drinks. Our wardrobe, hair, and makeup professionals meticulously adhered to Anfim's brand palette.

The result is a 60-second hero video that beautifully weaves the narrative together through colorful footage and color-blocking and high-energy music and editing. This project truly came together in editing. By incorporating split-screens, layered textures, and text on screen in a collage-style, we crafted a compelling story that showcased The Luna, the baristas who utilized it, and the people who enjoyed espresso. Our creative approach was inspired by the Renaissance era's Polyptychs. We were fascinated by the ability of art from that period to convey multiple stories within a single painting through distinct panels, and we aimed to replicate this in our work. We utilized diptychs and triptychs to showcase various aspects of the story simultaneously. For instance, one "panel" displayed a close-up shot of the barista's hands deftly operating The Luna, while a stunning drone shot of Milan filled the second "panel," and a satisfied customer savoring an espresso appeared in the third "panel." Additionally, we drew inspiration from the rich textures featured on the Anfim home page and incorporated similar backdrops throughout our project.


As we mentioned above, our interesting challenge involved crafting a Milanese coffee shop ambiance while shooting in Austin, Texas. Following a thorough location scout, we settled on a tequila bar as our filming location. To bring this transformation to life, we brought on an exceptional prop and set stylist. Their ingenuity allowed us to seamlessly convert the bar into a coffee haven that could seamlessly fit into central Milan's aesthetic.

We collaborated with fabricators to design custom arched build-outs. These structures were meticulously painted in the exact brand colors of Anfim. Their purpose was twofold: not only did they cleverly conceal the shelves previously stocked with alcohol, but they also continued the harmonious infusion of brand colors throughout the project to reinforce Anfim's distinctive identity.