Project: UGC Video Campaign

Once Upon a Farm creates healthy and nutritious snacks and meals for every age and stage of a child’s life. They cater to busy parents who want to provide their kids with healthy meals, but may not have the schedule to allow for prepping and cooking. Once Upon a Farm wanted a classic UGC campaign that would feature their Frozen Meals and Pouch products. The team was keen on casting real moms who could deliver the scripts in a relatable, yet informative way.

We approached the Once Upon a Farm UGC video campaign just like any other commercial video shoot – with a thorough kick-off call gathering insight from the Once Upon a Farm team; attention and care to the casting, propping, and wardrobe; creating a storyboard and shot list to help guide the shoot day; hired our go-to hair and makeup artist to create elevated but natural HMU for the moms (you know, that no-makeup makeup look that is hard to achieve!) for the day-of; and had plenty of kid-friendly crafty (in addition to the Once Upon a Farm product, of course) to keep the kid talent happy.

We were able to execute the concept flawlessly – creating a campaign of relatable, organic, though professional UGC videos for all social platforms.


Working with babies and kids is a challenge, though certainly a very cute and fun one. We coordinated with the parents on nap and feeding times so the kids were perky and ready to eat on camera when it was their turn to be filmed. Thankfully, we ensured that the kids were comfortable around people and good eaters so we wouldn’t run into any issues of shyness or pickiness while filming.