In a world where fashion is one of the top five contributors to climate change and less than 5% of fashion workers earn a living wage, Nisolo is here to do it differently. Nisolo is a sustainable leather shoe and accessories company with 0% net carbon and 100% living wages. Sustainability is a word that gets thrown around all too often, but Nisolo is able to stand by that claim, and make beautiful shoes in the process.

Our goal with the “Elements That Move” OTT video campaign for Nisolo was to create a beautiful and effective ad that captured their spring and summer shoe line while driving home the legitimate do-good aspects of the company.

We landed on the “Elements That Move” campaign because it utilized a split-screen editing technique and quick-paced editing to feature their product alongside pre-existing footage of their fairly-paid factory workers and elements of nature the company was protecting.


Our team spent hours strategically location scouting and mapping out the Seaholm area of Austin to be able to film at the ~precise~ time the sun would look the best (or if the area needed to be shaded) for our early-morning, sunrise shoot. The weather on the day of the shoot had a different idea, though. There were nasty storms at the time of our scheduled first shot of the day, turning our entire plan on its head. But, we made it work! We started at the home location instead, using a clever light outside a window to mimic sunshine despite the crummy weather. Then, we bounced around Seaholm, focusing on tighter shots to highlight the shoes and hide the fact that the storm had turned into a blistering hot and very windy day. Thankfully we had a flexible crew who understood the assignment and were down to workshop the issues with us, all the while with a positive and hard-working attitude and still getting the exact shots and tone we had discussed with Nisolo and their team.