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Mahlkönig is the world’s leader in industrial coffee grinders (for example the grinders you see at most coffee shops it’s no doubt a Mahlkönig), though the X54 Allround Home Grinder is their first product intended for the home. The X54 is for the quality-conscious home barista who doesn't want to compromise, providing optimal grinding to meet the highest coffee demands. We were tasked with creating a gorgeous, lifestyle-driven ad that also featured the high-end features of the X54 including full-spectrum ground adjustment from super fine for espresso to course for a French Press, grind-by-time presets displayed via an LED screen, and reduced noise for ultra-quiet grinding. Because this is Mahlkönig’s first at-home product, it was crucial for us to create a 360-degree video and photo campaign so they have multiple deliverables in hand to distribute across multiple platforms in multiple countries.

Our approach was to create an enviable, though relatable hero ad that would draw customers in through high-end aesthetics and cinematic visuals and keep them there through accessible and relatable lifestyle moments. With this in mind, we built the creative around the concept of “Day in the Life of the X54 Allround Home Grinder.” Mahlkönig’s audience are quality-first coffee drinkers (some may even be enthusiasts) and they need a grinder that can keep up with everything that life demands from morning ‘til night.

So, we created just that – a narrative structure following a key character and his partner utilizing the X54 throughout the day: he makes a cappuccino first thing in the morning, adjusts the grinder to make an afternoon flash brew pour over before running errands, and then he and his partner collaborate on making evening espresso martinis for their closest friends. Each scene was dedicated to showcasing one or more of two key elements that they X54 provides: the high-end features of the X54 and the ease it provides to make your life as seamless as possible.

The result is a cinematic, lifestyle, and relationship-driven experience. With high attention to every detail from location, to lighting, to wardrobe, we created an ad that allows the viewer to envision themselves in our main character’s enviable life – coffee runs are no longer needed with the X54 Allround Home Grinder on their countertop. We utilized strategically-placed animated text graphics to callouts the features of the X54. Because this is an international campaign and an introduction of a brand-new product for Mahlkönig, we needed to deliver multiple cutdowns for a variety of audiences formatted for all relevant platforms – OTT, social feeds, vertical platforms, etc. In total, we delivered 33 videos, all crafted from the original 60-second hero.


It was crucial we approached the production day with an excruciating attention to detail, so we hired a wildly talented crew to help us achieve that. Our head gaffer expertly constructed lighting throughout the day – from the soft, early morning light for the morning scenes to the rich, warm golden-hour light for the evening cocktail party. Our prop stylist and set designer was tasked with ensuring the home looked elevated yet warm and the X54 was immaculate in every single scene. Our wardrobe stylist and hair and makeup artist were keyed into the mission of taking already gorgeous talent and making them look cool but timeless. We even hired a barista to make all of the coffee drinks and provide essential adjustments to showcase just how well-rounded the X54 is.