When O Positiv approached us wanting a lo-fi-style, scientific-driven, social-first video explainer of how their FLO Vitamins work, we knew we had an opportunity to create something special. O Positiv has a proven track record of UGC-style content that performs well, so they knew they wanted a spot filmed on mobile. Instead of the peer-to-peer style of UGC, however, they were craving a creative that was more out-of-the-box, but that still had key value props and compelling scientific information for their FLO Vitamins product and how they help manage PMS symptoms.

Our approach to this project was to navigate the script-first, followed by the creative. We knew we had to nail the science behind FLO Vitamins, so dug into the studies, evaluated the data, and even sketched out the hormonal fluctuations that happen without and with FLO. That last element of sketching the fluctuations became integral to the creative unfolding – how can we illustrate this concept on-screen? We came up with a few ways – a slinky, an actor who could also draw, and a clever editor who has motion graphics skills. With our forces combined, a lot of pink set styling, and a handful of science-lab-type props, we had a plan.

The result is an engaging, playful, informative, and colorful spot. Our talent came to set with a mad-scientist character in mind, and it matched perfectly with the 80s/”Weird Science”-graphics our editor brought to the project. Paired with the monochromatic science lab set we built and the mobile-shot footage, and the slinky, the spot nailed the lo-fi, out-of-the-box, science explainer the O Positiv team was looking for. We took the initial script and remixed it three more ways to create four cohesive, yet different, videos that the O Positiv team could use for A/B testing.


Disseminating the jargon-heavy and convoluted science behind FLO Vitamins was quite the fun challenge for Red Riding Hood. FLO Vitamins are made of numerous botanical ingredients that help manage the symptoms of PMS, but creating an explainer that targets every single ingredient could easily be two minutes long. O Positiv was needing a 30-60-second video, so we needed to hone in on one ingredient as our “hero” ingredient. We chose Chasteberry, a botanical known for its ability to decrease hormonal fluctuations. Smaller fluctuations mean less or more manageable PMS symptoms. Not only was this a superhero ingredient indeed, but it also created a visual element we could play with.