PROJECT: 360 Video Campaign

Total number of deliverables: 30

Finch’s browser extension provides science-backed ratings based on environmental impacts and real reviews. They make shopping for sustainable products simple and founded, meaning you’re going to get a product that actually works and does good for the environment.

For our first 360 Video Campaign for Finch, we built creative around the concept of “sustainable non-negotiables.” Finch’s audience are the everyday people trying to make simple swaps in their day-to-day products. Meaning, they’re not the Greta Thunbergs of the world, but they do care about doing their part. One way to do that? Product swaps. But, as we all know, some sustainable products are not only not sustainable, but they are also not effective or even good. That’s where Finch comes in – to help the do-gooders of the world get over their non-negotiables and make those product swaps in the name of sustainability.

We created 8 different characters with different sustainable non-negotiables for our videos – ranging from the beefy bro who is not willing to give up meat to the fashionista who is not willing to give up her acrylics, and others touching on common sustainable non-negotiables like plastic straws and pick up trucks. These 8 characters all made an appearance in 2, 30-second hero ads, but also carried enough energy to be stand-alone videos. The results? A full 360 video campaign with 30 deliverables, including 8 audio-only files to be used for streaming service ads. In a single day of in-studio shooting in Austin, we curated wardrobe and built out 8 characters, filmed each character on their own seamless color backdrop and the Finch orange, and captured enough, distinct footage to create 30 different deliverables.