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Evie’s Snacks approached us to create marketing materials for the launch of their new line of delicious, better-for-you pecan snacks. Eve, the namesake of the company, and her partner Colin started Evie’s Snacks to, “carry on [their family’s] passion for taking the best darn pecans you’ve ever had and crafting pecan snacks that are a joy to eat, and to share.” We were hooked – a product we love (what Texan doesn’t love pecans?), that’s rooted in family history and lineage (hello, rich narrative material), and packaged with intriguing recipes that use significantly less sugar than traditional pecan recipes (now we’re really listening). They needed video and photo content to build out their website, promote on socials, and build materials for marketing to wholesalers. They wanted us to craft a content strategy that would incorporate their key value props – tell the brand origin and story, inform about the “power of the pecan” (aka it’s a nutrient-rich nut), and highlight the flavor profiles and product line.

Our approach was two-fold – utilize docu-narrative storytelling to encompass their key value props into a high-deliverables and multifaceted integrated marketing campaign.

We utilized a nimble crew including our Amber and Cassandra producing and directing, Cassandra as our DP, Amber as the interviewer, Rick Cortez as our photographer, Ana Lorant as our AC/PA/Jill of all Production, and Jake Stockstill as our drone op.

With our expertise and artistic vision, we captured stunning visuals that brought the brand's story to life and showcased the beauty of the pecan harvest. The two-day shoot at the Texas border provided us with the ideal backdrop and allowed us to immerse ourselves in the authentic setting that inspired Evie and Colin's journey.

Through in-depth interviews with Evie and Colin, we delved into their personal journey and the inspiration behind their passion for pecans. These interviews allowed us to capture the essence of their story and effectively communicate their values to the target audience. By utilizing Amber’s journalism background and understanding of interview techniques, we were able to uncover compelling anecdotes and moments that added depth and authenticity to the narrative.

Our approach ensured that the brand's origin and story, the power of the pecan, and the delicious flavor profiles were all effectively communicated to their target audience.

We crafted a visual storytelling style that blended documentary elements with a narrative structure, creating a seamless and captivating narrative arc, and a cinematic and engaging experience for viewers. This allowed us to showcase the pecan harvest process, from the sprawling pecan groves to the meticulous crafting of the snacks, thereby emphasizing the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into every product.

With a high-deliverable integrated marketing campaign in mind, we were able to produce a wide range of content that catered to Evie's Snacks' specific needs. This included the key hero brand story, additional compelling cutdown videos and photographs for their website, captivating social media content, persuasive marketing materials tailored for wholesalers, and even edited b-roll footage to be utilized by their in-house marketing team for Instagram Reels and TikToks, and really any future content needs. Through our holistic approach, we successfully incorporated the brand's key value propositions, effectively informing consumers about the nutritional benefits of pecans, while also tantalizing their taste buds with the delightful flavor profiles of Evie's Snacks.


snack company behind the scenes video production

Evie's Snacks was proactive in creating marketing materials ahead of their launch by hiring Red Riding Hood early on to create content. However, after conducting remarkable market research, they discovered some additional important talking points that were missed during the initial shoot on the Texas Border. These points needed to be included in the Hero Brand Story we were developing. The only issue is that our founders live in Philadelphia, and there wasn’t a great opportunity for another production day to capture them on camera.

Our solution was to embrace mixed media and have the founders record themselves on their iPhones, while receiving guidance from us regarding talking points, styling, and background. With our cinematic footage, photography, iPhone content from the Evie’s Snacks team, and the playful branding, we leaned into creative editing styles. In the end, we were able to seamlessly incorporate these crucial elements into their Hero Brand Story Video.

behind the scenes video production