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Put anything onto your baby registry from any store.

We are thrilled to have Babylist as a repeat client, and were grateful they reached out to entrust us with their latest project. Babylist, a leading provider of parent-first baby registries, strives to support and empower happy, healthy families. Their registry service goes beyond the ordinary, offering practical assistance and data-driven guidance.

Round 1: Babylist was looking to create a large batch of TikTok videos focused heavily on key value props. In order to Babylist's vision: A/B test concepts to inspire registry creation and access to valuable online services.

Round 2: Babylist sought a new fresh wave of UGC, mobile-shot social content, similar in scale to our previous work, but with an exciting addition of YouTube videos in a 16x9 format, along with our usual 9x16 format concepts.

Using valuable insights from our previous collaboration, Babylist shared data, enabling us to craft concepts tailored to their target audience’s preferences and behaviors, optimizing the impactful video campaign. We still utilized A/B testing in Round 2 to help them understand what types of videos drive the most conversion, while also trying new things like leaning into current TikTok trends. Recognizing the importance of representation and inclusivity, Babylist strongly desired a beautifully diverse range of pregnant and parent talent. We enthusiastically embraced this request, ensuring that our casting choices would reflect the rich tapestry of families and experiences, resonating with a broad spectrum of viewers.

Approaching both project rounds similarly, our goal was to create captivating videos that seamlessly blend value propositions with engaging hooks. With Babylist's vision and our creative expertise, we're excited to deliver compelling content that converts viewers and supports growing families.

For Round 1, Babylist emphasized key value propositions in their videos. Each video included at least two references to important elements like their universal registry, ensuring their significance.

In Round 2, Babylist shifted focus to educational videos, following the success of Round 1. We prioritized resourceful scripts, relatable b-roll, and selectively included key value propositions, avoiding excessive saturation as seen in Round 1.

In a stroke of creativity, we seized an exciting opportunity to enhance our A/B testing capabilities by incorporating a silicon pregnant belly prop for our non-pregnant talent. This brilliant move not only added a unique twist to our A/B testing but also showcased our ingenuity in clever styling. To ensure seamless integration, we made slight adjustments to the script, aligning it perfectly with the visual portrayal of our talent as both non-pregnant and pregnant with the silicon belly. This meticulous attention to detail allowed us to deliver a cohesive and authentic experience to viewers, regardless of the talent's actual pregnancy status.

For both Rounds, to meet Babylist's needs for testing and optimization and A/B testing, we developed two versions of each concept within the video batch. These versions feature slight variations such as alternative opening hook lines or the choice between direct address and captivating b-roll footage.

Round 1: The concepts and videos perfectly showcased Babylist's offerings and support, seamlessly integrating key value propositions. Diverse concepts allowed for easy A/B comparisons, establishing a strong foundation for Babylist to build on.

In Round 2: We embraced innovation, drawing from previous insights to push creative boundaries. Education-first narratives and value props resulted in remarkable success, mirroring previous high-performing video from our previous collaboration together.

These videos embodied Babylist's mission, prioritizing resources and catering to diverse parents, all while providing a premium registry experience. Our ability to adapt and think beyond conventional boundaries further solidified our position as a dependable and resourceful partner for Babylist.


Incorporating 16x9 videos added an exciting challenge to the project. We maintained visual consistency across social media (9x16) and YouTube (16x9) by carefully editing concepts.

To ensure seamless filming and visual output, we crafted a detailed shot list, strategically filmed wider shots in 4K whenever possible,  and utilized a double-shooting technique with vertical and horizontal iPhone footage, we achieved identical content for both formats, creating a cohesive campaign.

For both rounds, thorough pre-production planning was crucial for producing large video batches in a single day. At Red Riding Hood Productions, we prioritize investing extra time in pre-production ensuring a well-structured schedule and setting the stage for success.Typically 2-3 weeks for pre-production is vital particularly during larger-batch content projects!

Our partnership with Babylist values this comprehensive approach to project execution, leading to exceptional deliverables that exceed expectations and contribute to their success.