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2022 Year in Review

2022 was a whirlwind of a year.

I know we say that every time we talk about our year in review, but as a burgeoning business, it’s true. If you own a business, you know what we’re talking about!

It was our fourth year in business and we really fell like we’ve discovered who we are, who our ideal clients and collaborators are, and are continuing to level up into the big badass wolf we know we are. Read on for our key takeaways including our favorite projects, learns, and 2023 visions and goals.

New logo! We love her!

Red Riding Hood Productions has been in business for nearly 4 years and we have grown, evolved, learned, and matured so much. So, we figured it was time for our wolf and our website to grow up with us. We enlisted the help of @westwardstudio studio to create the logo to match our growth in addition to an entire new brand suite.

And have since created 7 projects in their studios, not including countless meetings. The Austin Cinemaker Space does a ton for Austin’s community of creators, but for us, it’s been an incredibly helpful resource to create projects top to bottom from clean desk spaces for pre-production to fully-loaded sound-proof studios to film spots. We ❤️ACS. Join now before spaces fill up!

Niched into 360 degree video & photo campaigns:

We believe in creative quality and multi-platform quantity. Meaning we start with a hero concept video or photo campaign and through strategic planning and pre-production, are able to cut it down into numerous, shorter ads and narratives in various aspect ratios to be distributed across multiple relevant platforms for web, social, CTV and even audio streaming platforms. A 360 view of a video and/or photo campaign allows for the ads to be seen on multiple platforms, creates a cohesive brand experience and messaging, and allows for A/B testing on everything from ad length to CTA options. Why do we do this? Because marketing needs have changed drastically in the past decade, hell even since we’ve started Red Riding Hood, and we saw an opportunity to grow with the change instead of fight against it with olf-school ways of production. The results benefits our clients in this newfound digital world – they have stunning video and photo content that is custom-tailored to their distribution needs, ALL OF THEM.

Best of 2022

Video Production + Video Campaigns

Video Campaigns:

Video Campaigns:

Video Campaigns:

360 Degree Photo & Video Campaign:

Video + Photo Campaign


Digital Social Ad


Fashion photoshoot

Fashion photoshoot

Magazine Spread

Honorable Mention: Youtube Series

Video Series


Growing our post-production team: Red Riding Hood now has a team of 5 contract editors who we hire out to handle all of the post for our video campaigns. This has been an absolute game changer for us on multiple levels – we have more time to pursue projects more in line with our mission and goals, and the quality of our projects have skyrocketed, just to mention a couple. Are you an experienced editor (video, MFX, colorist, etc.) looking for regular editing work? Please reach out, we’d love to meet and work with you!

Delegation: In line with growing our post-production team, we’ve grown our production team as well. We have an incredible roster of crew and talent who make our shoot days so phenomenal. Want to work with us on set? Reach out! We’re constantly looking for crew & creators to collaborate with.

Rest: Taking time for ourselves. Honestly, when your cup is full, it’s a hell of a lot easier to fill other’s cups. Take care of yourselves, babes.

Newness: Our inspiration isn’t exactly a new learn for us, but we had an opportunity to be interviewed for Voyage magazine which inspired us to put our inspiration into words: “Overall, newness is what drives our creative journey. We both have a thirst for travel, experiences, and meeting people, and all of this serves as a major source of inspiration. Luckily, we have the opportunity to do all of this through the work we do and pursue it individually, so it’s a self-feeding cycle of newness and inspiration. And all of this comes back to our core mission as well – empathy and connection, teasing out the soul in brands we work with, and throwing out tradition for evolution and growth.”

Mindset and thoughts for 2023

Work smarter not harder: Meaning, optimizing our time, working less but more impactful hours, turning on Do Not Disturb when working, taking regular snack/sunshine/caffeine breaks, and making time for what we call GTL (gym, tan, laundry lol) so we can take care of ourselves first before starting our work day, and delegating tasks and paying people who can do aspects of our jobs better than us (like, editing, SEO, etc).

Weekly check-ins: Something we started in the middle of 2022 and will continue through 2023 are weekly priority check-ins, monthly goal check-ins, and bi-monthly heart/soul/emotion/our relationship check-ins. Over-communicating is a tenant of our working relationships with clients, and within our company as well.

Abundance Mindset & Saying “No”: We now understand that what is meant for us is for us. We used to take pretty much every project that came our way because we were just starting out, wanting to build our portfolio, and had the lack mentality of “what if” another project doesn’t come. An abundance mindset steers us towards projects and clients that align with our ethos. We manifest the business (and life, and health, and wealth!) that we want, but we also actively work towards it. True manifestation only works when you put the action behind it. Unlearning the lack mindset and learning the abundance mindset only works when you’re willing to say “no” to opportunities that don’t align.


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