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If you’ve scrolled on TikTok lately, then you have seen De-Influencing videos. They follow a few different formulas but all have a similar message – encouragement to notbuy something.

We love it, for a few personal reasons!

Honesty & Authenticity: Oooo honesty is the best policy! Knowing what doesn't work and why is just as helpful as knowing what does.

Fighting Overconsumption + Saving $$$: Do we really need another makeup product? Don’t get us wrong, we love spending on quality products, but if there’s an opportunity to get something comparable for cheaper, heck yes, we’re in.

Key takeaway: Think of de-influencing as the re-brand of honest reviews.

Influencers and brands should ask themselves: is what we are doing different from what we were doing before? What are the chances of it standing out? What's more important, is this product good enough for this kind of exposure?

Social Content & Ad Creation: AUTHENTICITY BABY. Social ads have been trending in this direction for a while – relatable, raw content over too commercial, glossy content. If you’re in the business of creating social media content or ads for brands, and you aren’t doing this already, then it is time to create content that fits organically onto social feeds.

Influencer Marketing: With #deinflucing, you get to be the voice of reason. We’re entering in a no bull-shit era of content creation and consumption. It’s not just trusting what your favorite star/celebrity/influencer is telling you to buy, but instead opens the door to hear what your bestie/neighbor/a real customer to give their honest opinion. This is still deinfluencing, though.

Our Advice to Brands & Creators

Our advice to brands: Establish long-term, sustainable relationships with creators who align organically and authentically with their values, content style, and target audience.

And same goes for creators: align yourself with brands that you truly connect with on a mission level just their products and you’ll find yourself making more authentic content easily.


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